Tony Romo: I think I’ll be more involved in game-planning

johnboy88 says:
Jul 18, 2013 10:40 AM
Every time I see an article about Romo all is see is people talking trash about him and the boys but when the season starts and the Cowboys win a few games in a row and lead the division like they do every year everyone will say I love Romo.. Romo is the man… Cowboys are gonna win the Super Bowl this year.. I think everyone should just be happy changes have been made. Good players are on this team and if ur a real fan then try to enjoy it and hope the REST of the team other then Romo can step up and things will fall into place and they will win and if ur not a fan then quit wasting ur time commenting on every cowboys article. Go cowboys!!

You are right johnboy. I think we should find this duplicitous Everyone fella who can be found saying one minute “I love you Romo. You are the man” following the inevitable 6 or 7 wins the Cowboys always run off to start the year. Only to be found again dumping all over Romo and the ‘boys. The nerve of Everyone. Further I echo your sentiments that Everyone should just take solice in the fact that changes have been made. Much like yourself, I also just hope Super Romo gets some help from the rest of the team as he almost singlehandedly brings home a 6th Lombardi.